Sketch Pieces

A collection of my processing sketches and such.

Spinning Candy

Made it for a friend of mine.

spinning candy

VJ for Schoolgirl byebye.

Cooperated work with a friend of mine who handled the visual part while I coded her ideas out. It was initially made as a response to unreasonable cyber violence the band was faced with. Some people just can’t live with different opinions. We took some nasty words from their blog as samples. The words get mosaicked (literally) with the beat. Below is one of the clips.

In the end, the VJ part was cancelled somehow because of some unknown reason.



Great thanks to AmnonOwed

Logo morph

Roughly made a logo of our studio the same style below.



Silent Rage

One of my former ideas, inspired by Rackenkowak’s work ‘Big Brother Is WatchingYou’. I wanted to create a room full of unfriendly 3D printed mechanic eyes staring at the loudest person. Below is one of the sketches.


Still updating …… I guess.