Making Things Move

Counterproductive prop-making breakdown & other arduino projects.

Counterproductive - Props

We customized the props’ functions to gain full control to have a better result in the film. Domestic devices are given personalities, brought to life by the crew who controlled them.

Lamp: A tiny robotic arm with two servos controlled by a PS4 controller, driven by an ESP32 chip. Lighting color/brightness is fully controllable and customizable.

Kettle: Remote lighting and movement control through Bluetooth / wifi.

Toaster: Using fadecandy to map the spectrum of the volume as the output on LED strips. customized user interface for other shapes(happy/sad faces)

The next step was to solder them to have a stable circuit that could last the entire shooting.

Soldered Circuit for Kettle and Lamp

Soldered Circuit for Kettle and Lamp

BTS - Rehearsals

BTS - Rehearsals

Credits: Fadecandy tutorial by Amy Goodchild, Dabble, Blynk, PS4-esp32. Thanks to the great open-source community.

Salty 2.0 - Mirobot Workshop